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Whispering Spirits Ranch

Would like to introduce you to our new addition to the ranch.


Chief Two Eagles

Born Sunday March 10th 2002 at 11 AM.


Two weeks before Molly our mare had her Foal. I came up with its name because of the Bald Eagles we have seen flying over Whispering Spirits Ranch.

When the foal was born our daughter said look he has spots that look like Angel wings . Sure enough his little white blanket looked like wings . A very good friend of mine came up with the Chief part of his name.

At 3:00 PM I had went up to the house to get something to eat and let momma and baby bond and get some rest.

I was emailing all of my friends when I looked out and there before my eyes was a bald Eagle flying over the pasture in front of the house.

I knew then that Chief Two Eagles had been blessed by the Bald Eagle.


To the left you can click on the Sunday and it will take you to our pictures of him coming in to our world.

As the days go by I will take pictures of him every week.


I would like to take a minute and Say thanks to all of the list members on Marv Walkers List, that helped me though all of days of foal watching. If it hadnít been for them I would have been lost. This is our first-born Foal on the Ranch and in my life. Thank you list.

I would also like to thank all of my other friends here on the internet that answered my never ending questions on foaling.




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Biographical Information

I have been in to horses all of my life and had the pleasure of Owning a Shetland pony , Welsh pony, half Arabian, and a grade QH in the years I was growing up.

There was a time of about 15 years that my life was short of having a horse in it , it was the worst 15 years of my life.

Seven years ago I was able to get back in to horses and we bought a Reg QH.

We have also raised a Mustang that I traded for a new computer. Last Aug We bought Molly our mare and knew that she was pg when we bought her.

Now we are back to having 3 horses in our life again.


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Personal Interests

*†† Horses are the most personal things in my life .

*†† Being in touch with nature and her glory is my life also when Iím not messing with the horses.

*†† My family comes first and for most in my life. We are a very close nit family and get to gathers on Birthdays and holidays.


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