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Communicating to the horse with body laguage


We have read about the body language on the first page 
and you are wondering now (How can I use body language 
to communicate or reprimand my horse) Well it is simple 
as one two three.
 I have taken and broke down some of the body language 
that horses use every day and form that we can take 
of their body language and the tone of our  voice 
to use it 
to help us communicate to them. Your saying "how" 
this is how it works. 
If we under stand the alpha mare in a herd and how 
she getsher point across to a horse that has stepped 
out of line it will help us the same way to tell our
horse that in this herd of two it is you that is the 
herd mare and not him/her. 
Why iuse the mare in this instance is the herd mare 
rules the the others her way is law and if you step 
out of line you will get chased out of the herd until
you can come back in and be good. 
Just like correcting a child that if that child talks 
back  you send him/her to their room until he can come 
in and not talk back , same goes for a horse that has 
stepped out of line.
 I'm going to use some examples as how if you are out 
in the pasture and your horse comes up with his ears 
penned at you with a cocky attitude, 
You are going to go in to the alpha mare mode using
body language and voice to get through to your horse 
that that behavior is not permitted around people . 
 Ok you go out to catch your horse and he comes to 
your withhis nose pinched and ears penned and just before 
he gets to you he dose a buck  immediately i want you to 
yell in a deep 
voice NO and in a aggressive way you are going
to stomp yourfoot and start toward him and at the same 
time swing your lead rope above your head when he stops 
or moves off from you stomp after him swinging your lead rope 
until you have moved him away from you and he is say 
30 feet away form you and he stops and turns around to 
you and doesn't move. Call him to come to you now he 
will take tentative steps toward you this is his way of 
saying I'm sorry is it ok 
to come back to you keep talking to him telling him/her is 
good boy/girl and proceed to put on the halter. 
 Now say we are brushing them and they won't stand still 
are always moving like they have ants in their pants. 
You can use the foot stomping here also and as you do 
it say stand. I have had problems with a horse moving 
in to me while i try to brush them and one stomp of the 
foot usually has them standing still with out giving a 
verbal command of stand still . Repeat it if you have to. 
If they stop and stand go about brushing them like 
nothing happened. 
 Now when we are leading and our horse tries to pass us
 don't let him get in front of you watch and when he 
makes the move to speed up just take the lead rope and
 twirl it in front of him and say back off he won't go 
through the twirling lead rope. When he slows down to 
where you want him to be stop twirling the rope. 
The same applies for a horse that walks to close 
as we are leading them. I always wondered why I
 had a elbow well I know now why I have been leading
 horses and they start to walk on my foot so i take 
and jab my elbow in to their chest or shoulder just 
like another horse would do with his mouth if another 
horse got to close and the other horse wanted to move 
the one over he would bump him with his/her nose and 
they would not be gentle about it. 
 Now my horse runs in to me when i stop. Ok what we 
are going to do here is when we stop and our horse 
keeps coming we are going to pick up our leg and push 
out back wards with it just like a horse warning another 
horse they are to close. If you make contact with your 
horse you did not hurt him the horse was to close to 
you in the first place. You can do this out in the 
pasture if a horse comes up behind you and he is in 
your space give him the warning keeping your back to
him, he will know what it means right away . 
 If you watch horses and one dose something the other
 horse will some times take and bump the other horse 
with his teeth and the other one will move away or stop
 what they were doing this applies with us also we can 
use this to stop a horse in its tracks so to speak .
 Say you are standing at your horses flank and he raises 
his foot for a cow kick he will warn you first the leg 
will come up slow at first and when it dose make a fist 
and stick your knuckles out and give a punch in the hip 
your horse will drop his leg in a heart beat. 
 This is not abuse this is communicating with your horse
 in the horses own language that he understands and uses 
every day of his life with other horses . 
 I trust my horse Poco but I'm always on alert because he
 is a horse and not a human and he sometimes for gets 
I'm not another horse We are so attuned to each other 
that yes i have to watch because he has excepted me in 
to his world and beings he is a horse he for gets some 
time that I am not. So always keep on your toes and never 
let your guard down because that is when accidents happen 
even a well trained horse they are still a horse. 


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