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Communicating With Horses

To communicate and work effectively with horses one must be calm and centered. In doing this we create a very calm atmosphere for the horse to be relaxed and trusting of us. In other words, we have created a safe zone for the horse in which we will never cause them pain and in return they want to learn and are not afraid. When working with horses one can start dramatically reducing the stress levels in ones body by being calm and centered. This opens the channels for intuition in order to be able to speak to the horse. Intuition is the voice of the heart; the higher self - our sixth sense . In learning to read the horse, it is most important to learn the body language and understand every mood of the horse. Body language of the horse is a flick of an ear, the stomp of a foot, the swish of a tail, the shake of a head or the pinching up of a nose. All of these make up the horse's body language. When we have observed the horse and have learned all of these that the horse uses at different times of the day, the we can learn to read what he is thinking at all times. As we learn the language of the horse and begin to communicate with them they help us to see into our inner selves through deeper and deeper levels. Horses can help us accept our fears, learn about love, develop intuitions, reveal self defeating patterns and connect with our spiritual depth. By observing the horse in its every day life we open the doors to intuition. This is the voice of the heart, the higher self or our sixth sense. With intuitive communication one can be assured the exchange will be peaceful, honest and successful. Horses are always intuitive and they can awaken the quality within ourselves. Coming next month ... "Telepathic Communication with Horses". Watch for it!
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