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                         Teaching your horse To Open His Mouth on Comand

We are not going to use any treats what so ever until the lesson is done . Other wise the horse will get mouthy and we do not want that to happen we will give treats after we are done and have stopped the lesson. Touch and retreat , in touch and retreat we give the  horse the chance to learn in his comfort zone and not to push the horse in to a fear or dislike of what we are asking him to do. We take each step slow and easy and plenty of praise always.In doing this we teach the horse that no  matter what we ask of him we will never cause him pain with our touching. We start out standing at the side of our horse ,we start the lesson when the horse is calm and just standing with us relaxed. Have you ever touched something you were not sure of and always ready to pull your finger away at the first signs of uncertainly ,This is what we are going to do with the horses mouth . We are going to Play a game with our horse ,Touch and retreat , we are going to take our finger being careful always in doing this and on our toes for the first signs of ,

1. trying to bite our finger and in  this if the horse should try we give a sharp No this tells him/her that is not what we want of him ,

2 . starting to pull its head up and away. We are going to be Quick with our touch and retreat of our finger. Telling the horse every time in a sing song soft voice good boy/girl or good for you.

With each time we touch, we pet the mouth lingering a little bit longer each time. If the horse stands there and lets us do it without stepping back or raising its head we are done with the first step .

The second step is we take our finger and slid it in to the side of the mouth where the Bar of the jaw is at .

Were the bit rest in the horses mouth ,why there because there are no teeth in that area of the horses mouth. We slide our finger in and touch the tongue and retreat right away . Beware your horse is going to open his/her mouth and stick his tongue out. Like he is spiting something out of his/her mouth. The second he dose this say Open. Good for you or good boy/girl.

Work on this every time you are around the horse and with in a week depending on some horses you will be able to touch your horses mouth and give the verbal cue of Open and he will open his mouth on Command. Once you have your horse opening his mouth this way then you can take the steps farther by teaching the teeth for showing their teeth or their tongue.

You can also teach a young horse in stead of biting at your hand to lick your hand by a simple Command of no teeth ,Lick. Or no bite ,Lick.

When I say young they are around 8-15 months old. If you make this a game the horse will love it .


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